Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Solutions

At XMAKE, our sheet metal fabrication services are synonymous with consistency, reliability, and quality. We provide a diverse array of materials and finishing options, meticulously crafted to suit the distinct requirements of your applications.

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Sheet Metal Processes at XMAKE

Sheet Metal Materials Selection

Optional Materials


Aluminum is characterized by its lightweight, high strength, excellent electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity, making it commonly used for the production of lightweight structural components.

AL6061 / AL5052 / AL1010 / AL1060 / AL6063


Copper is primarily used for electrical connections and heat dissipation components due to copper's excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

CU1020 / CU1100 / CU2100 / CU2200 / CU2300 / CU2400 / CU2600


Steel is one of the most commonly used sheet metal materials. Known for its high strength, lightweight, good overall rigidity, and strong deformation capacity, it is extensively used in construction, manufacturing, and everyday life.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel plate boasts good corrosion resistance, high-temperature tolerance, and aesthetic appeal, and it is widely applied in cookware, medical devices, architecture, and other fields.

SUS304 / SUS301 / SUS430 / SUS316


Brass, a copper-zinc alloy, has high strength and good cold and hot workability, commonly used in the manufacture of valves, pipe fittings, and more.

C27400 / C28000

XMAKE Sheet Metal Material background-02

Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusions are aluminum materials with specific cross-sectional shapes formed through extrusion processing, widely used in construction, transportation, mechanical equipment, and other fields.

1050 / 2011 / 6061 / 6063

XMAKE Sheet Metal Material background-02

Beryllium Copper Alloy

Beryllium copper, an alloy of copper and beryllium, has extremely high strength and good electrical conductivity, often used in the production of precision resistors, contactors, etc.

C17410 / C17450 / C17460 / C17500 / C17510

  • We can source any other material on request, but quotes take up to 48 hours.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Surface Finishes

Surface Treatment


Color Range


Thickness Impact

Spraying (Paint Coating)

Steel, Aluminum


Smooth or textured

Typically increases by a few microns to several tens of microns


Aluminum Alloy

Silver, black, blue, etc.

High hardness, corrosion-resistant

Depending on the thickness of the oxide layer


Copper, Nickel, Chrome, etc.

Silver, gold, color, etc.

High luster, wear-resistant

Increases by a few microns to several hundred microns

Powder Coating

Steel, Aluminum

Wide color selection

Hard and rust-resistant

Increases by about 60-100 microns

Hot-dip Galvanizing

Low Carbon Steel


Strong rust resistance

Increases by about 3-25 microns

Stainless Steel Polishing

Stainless Steel

Glossy or matte

Glossy or matte finish

Does not affect original thickness

Laser Engraving

Various Metals


Fine patterns or text by removing material

Material thickness is reduced

*Note: This table outlines typical surface treatments; actual specifications may vary by manufacturer, technology, and customer needs.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Tolerances

Size Range

Tolerance Grade

Metric Tolerance

Imperial Tolerance

Hole Diameter

≤10 mm
>10-30 mm
>30-50 mm


±0.015 mm
±0.025 mm
±0.030 mm

±0.0006 in
±0.0010 in
±0.0012 in

Shaft Diameters




0.0079 in/ft






Hardware Position


±0.5 mm

±0.5 mm

±0.020 in

Bending Width

≤5 mm
>5-10 mm
>10 mm

±0.2 mm
±0.3 mm
±0.5 mm

±0.2 mm
±0.3 mm
±0.5 mm

±0.008 in
±0.012 in
±0.020 in

*Note: These tolerance tables are a general guide; actual tolerances may differ based on design specs, material attributes, production methods, and equipment precision.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Steps at XMAKE

XMKAE-Manufacturing Process-Upload File

Upload File

Start by uploading your CAD files securely to our platform.

XMKAE-Manufacturing Process-Design Feedback

Design Feedback

Start by uploading your CAD files securely to our platform.

XMKAE-Manufacturing Process-Rapid Prototype

Rapid Prototype

Quickly turn designs into prototypes with state-of-the-art technology.

XMKAE-Manufacturing Process-Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Guaranteed high-quality production, ISO 9001:2018 certified for excellence.

XMKAE-Manufacturing Process-24_7 Supported

24/7 Supported Guidance

Experience continuous support and guidance throughout the manufacturing process.

Simplified Entry into Sheet Metal Fabrication Production

Achieve high-volume production of end-use parts with comprehensive support from our team of sheet metal fabrication experts. Benefit from competitive unit pricing through economies of scale, and secure the necessary quality certifications to ensure your products are market-ready for customers.

Cost-effective Sheet Metal Fabrication for Diverse Industries




Consumer Products

Medical Devices

Why Choose XMAKE’s Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

XMAKE Sheet Metal icon

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Customers select XMAKE for our advanced tech and equipment in sheet metal fabrication, ensuring precise, efficient production of top-grade metal components that exceed industry standards.

XMAKE Sheet Metal icon

Customization and Flexibility

XMAKE excels in customization, offering tailored sheet metal solutions that precisely meet diverse client specs, ensuring unique project needs are fully addressed.

XMAKE Sheet Metal icon

Rapid Prototyping and Short Lead Times

Clients choose XMAKE for our rapid prototyping and swift lead times, prioritizing speed without sacrificing product quality to meet market demands quickly.

XMAKE Sheet Metal icon

Quality Assurance and Post-Processing Services

Our services feature thorough quality checks and post-processing like powder coating and anodizing, guaranteeing products that surpass expectations in quality and performance.

High-precision Sheet Metal Parts Made by XMAKE

XMAKE Customer Success: Solving Challenges Together

Rapid Precision Prototyping

XMAKE’s exacting sheet metal fabrication rapidly actualized our intricate prototype designs with remarkable precision. Their swift response was key to streamlining our project schedules.

John Doe

Head of Procurement, AutoTech Innovations

Transformative Eco-Construction Partnership

Collaborating with XMAKE was transformative for our eco-friendly construction initiatives. Their metalworking proficiency and prompt delivery were instrumental in surmounting logistical challenges, ensuring project continuity.

Emily Smith

Project Manager, GreenBuild Solutions

Pioneering Solutions with Expedited Service

XMAKE’s pioneering sheet metal solutions markedly improved our product casing design, delivering both expedited service and superior quality. Their capacity to adhere to stringent deadlines while maintaining accuracy was exemplary.

Alex Smith

Director of Product Development, TechGadget Corp

Sheet Metal Fabrication FAQs


1. Can You Fabricate Complex and Custom-Designed Sheet Metal Parts?

Yes, advanced fabrication techniques and technologies allow for the creation of complex and custom-designed sheet metal parts. We work closely with clients to understand their designs and specifications to deliver accurate results.


2. What Post-Processing Services Are Available for Sheet Metal Products?

Post-processing services include powder coating, anodizing, painting, sandblasting, and assembly. These services are crucial for enhancing the durability, appearance, and functionality of the finished product.


3. What Are the Main Techniques Used in Sheet Metal Fabrication?

The main techniques include cutting (laser, plasma, or water jet), bending (using brakes or roll forming), welding, punching, and forming. Each technique serves a different purpose in shaping and assembling the metal.


4. How Do I Know If My Design Is Suitable for Sheet Metal Fabrication?

A design is suitable for sheet metal fabrication if it considers material properties, manufacturing tolerances, and the capabilities of fabrication processes. It should also allow for material removal, bending, and joining without causing structural weaknesses.


5. What Are the Benefits of Using Sheet Metal Fabrication for My Project?

Benefits include high precision, repeatability, and the ability to create complex shapes from a single piece of material. Sheet metal fabrication also allows for cost-effective mass production and is suitable for a wide range of applications, from automotive to aerospace.


6. How Do I Get a Quote for My Sheet Metal Fabrication Project?

To get a quote, provide detailed specifications of your project, including the material type, dimensions, quantity, and any specific processes required (cutting, bending, etc.). Some manufacturers may require 2D drawings or 3D models for accurate quoting.


7. What Are the Typical Lead Times for Sheet Metal Fabrication Projects?

Lead times for sheet metal fabrication projects can vary based on the complexity of the design, the production volume, and the fabrication processes involved. Simple projects may be completed within days, while more complex or large-scale orders could take weeks.


8. How Can I Ensure the Quality of My Sheet Metal Fabricated Parts?

Quality can be ensured through proper communication of specifications, adherence to industry standards, and the use of quality control measures such as inspections, tests, and certifications. Working with a reputable manufacturer that provides quality assurance is also crucial.

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    All uploads are secure and confidential.

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