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Innovating the Manufacturing Landscape

XMAKE is committed to enabling product creators to push the boundaries of innovation. We are constructing the ultimate operating system for custom manufacturing,
with the aim of revolutionizing hardware development to keep up with software’s swift progress.

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XMAKE Content Writer

Content Writer

  • Responsibility: Create engaging content for XMAKE's marketing initiatives, including blog posts, social media updates, and website copy.
  • Requirements: Excellent writing skills, familiarity with digital marketing, and ability to work independently.

XMAKE Project Engineer

Project Engineer

  • Responsibility: Manage and oversee digital manufacturing projects from conception to completion, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to quality standards.
  • Requirements: Bachelor's degree in engineering or related field, experience with project management tools, and strong problem-solving abilities.

XMAKE Supply Chain Specialist

Supply Chain Specialist

  • Responsibility: Optimize supply chain processes to ensure efficient procurement, inventory management, and logistics operations.
  • Requirements: Bachelor's degree in supply chain management or related field, experience with supply chain software, and strong analytical skills.

XMAKE Support Specialist

Support Specialist

  • Responsibility: Provide technical support to XMAKE's customers, troubleshooting issues and offering solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Requirements: Strong communication skills, technical aptitude, and ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment.

XMAKE AI Algorithms Engineer

AI Algorithms Engineer

  • Responsibility: Develop and implement AI algorithms to enhance XMAKE's digital manufacturing capabilities, optimizing production processes and product quality.
  • Requirements: Master's degree in computer science or related field, expertise in machine learning algorithms, and proficiency in programming languages such as Python or Java.

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Benefits & Perks

XMAKE Health Coverage

Health Coverage

XMAKE Continuous Skill Development

Continuous Skill Development

XMAKE Retirement Plan  Secure future savings

Retirement Plan: Secure future savings

XMAKE Growth Potential

Growth Potential

XMAKE Flexible Schedule Work-life balance

Flexible Schedule: Work-life balance

XMAKE Team Events Collaborative culture

Team Events: Collaborative culture

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