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In the realm of digital manufacturing, XMAKE stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the industry. With the slogan “Cloud-Powered Innovation,” XMAKE is not just a platform but a harbinger of the future of manufacturing. It exemplifies the perfect amalgamation of cloud computing power with the demands of the manufacturing sector. Our story begins with a simple yet profound vision—to reform traditional manufacturing through digital means, enhancing efficiency and solving the industry’s most persistent pain points.

The Genesis of XMAKE

In the formative days leading to the birth of a digital manufacturing revolution, XMAKE was not merely an idea but a vision brought to life by a group of pioneers. Their backgrounds were as diverse as they were rich, spanning the breadth of traditional manufacturing landscapes and the innovative frontiers of digital technology. 

Leading the charge was CEO & Founder Qin Lee, a figure whose experience in manufacturing was both deep and broad. Qin Lee’s journey through the manufacturing industry was marked by a relentless pursuit of efficiency and innovation. His expertise was not confined to the theoretical; it was built on years of practical experience, navigating the complexities of manufacturing processes in some of the industry’s leading companies.

Frank Lee was a visionary in digital technology, whose career had paralleled the rise of global cloud computing from its nascent stages to its current status as a transformative force across industries. This founder’s insight into the power of digital tools to revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes was crucial in defining XMAKE’s trajectory.

Other founders brought expertise in Manufacturing Supply Chain and Marketing, vital components to the company’s strategy. One had a proven track record in optimizing manufacturing supply chains, enhancing efficiency, and reducing costs, ensuring that XMAKE could deliver on its promise of speed and innovation. Another brought deep marketing expertise, understanding how to position XMAKE in a competitive market, building a brand that resonated with its target audience, and crafting messages that communicated the unique value proposition of cloud-powered manufacturing.

United by a shared vision, Our founders aimed to bridge the vast potential of digital technology with the established realm of manufacturing. Our collective expertise—in the nuances of manufacturing, the possibilities presented by digital technology, strategic business growth, supply chain optimization, and market positioning—formed the cornerstone of XMAKE.

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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision

XMAKE’s vision is to become the world’s leading digital manufacturing platform, providing revolutionary manufacturing solutions to industries such as robotics, aerospace, and medical devices.

Our Mission

Our Mission

XMAKE’s mission is to harness the power of cloud technology to seamlessly connect design with production, significantly enhancing manufacturing efficiency, reducing costs, and accelerating the market introduction of innovative products. We are committed to being the most reliable partner for our clients, exploring the limitless possibilities of digital transformation together.

Streamline Your Sourcing with

Our Global Network

Tap into XMAKE’s expansive global manufacturing network to simplify your sourcing processes. Our platform connects you directly to a diverse array of top-tier manufacturers around the world. Leveraging cutting-edge digital tools and a deep understanding of the manufacturing landscape, we ensure that your projects are matched with the ideal resources quickly and efficiently. Experience seamless integration from design to delivery, and empower your business with XMAKE’s reliable, innovative manufacturing solutions

XMAKE_Addressing Industry Pain Points

Addressing Industry Pain Points

Through its cloud platform, XMAKE offers one-stop digital manufacturing services. Utilizing advanced technologies such as 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding, and metal processing, we help clients overcome design complexities and meet demands for personalization and small batch production. Moreover, our cloud platform enables designers and engineers worldwide to collaborate in real-time, breaking through geographical and temporal barriers—truly embodying the essence of “Cloud-Powered Innovation.”

Core Values

Innovation, efficiency, collaboration, and sustainability are the values that XMAKE steadfastly upholds. We believe that continuous technological innovation can break the limits of manufacturing, efficiency is key to meeting market demands and accelerating product updates, and collaboration is the foundation for mutual growth with our clients, suppliers, and partners. Furthermore, we are dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of manufacturing, creating a more prosperous and healthier world for future generations.

XMAKE_Core Value

The Future of XMAKE

As digital technologies continue to advance, XMAKE will continue stand at the forefront of the manufacturing sector’s digital transformation, driven by our commitment to “Cloud-Powered Innovation.” This approach leverages cloud technology to revolutionize digital manufacturing, offering scalable, efficient solutions that shorten time-to-market and enable global collaboration. Our platform not only optimizes manufacturing processes but also addresses industry challenges head-on, ensuring precision, speed, and sustainability.

  • Innovation Trailblazer

Embracing Innovation to Shape Tomorrow’s Industry Landscape

  • Future-Proofing

Revolutionizing Efficiency and Redefining Industry Standards

  • Sustainability Leader

Innovating Towards a Sustainable Future in Manufacturing

  • Industry Empowerment

Empowering Businesses with Next-Generation Manufacturing Solutions

Meet Our Leadership


Frank Lee

CEO & Founder

At the helm of XMAKE, Frank directs the vision with expertise honed at HIT with over 16 years in the field, including as a Lean Manufacturing System expert at General Motors and global evaluator, Frank has a proven track record of pioneering improvements across 1000 factories.

XMAKE Ivan Ruan

Ivan Ruan


Ivan Ruan, XMAKE’s COO, manages market operations, bringing 16 years of experience from the manufacturing and internet sectors. A co-founder of the real estate O2O platform DianDianZu, Ivan has also held influential roles at BOSCH Automotive and Sohu Changyou.

XMAKE Kevin Wu

Shelman Wu


Shelman Wu manages XMAKE’s supply chain with over two decades of experience. Holding a master’s degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he previously shaped IBM’s supply chain strategies across Asia-Pacific and led their cloud computing initiatives.

XMAKE Jimmy Zuo

Jimmy Zuo


Jimmy Zuo is at the forefront of product development and technological innovation at XMAKE. He directs the research and development team, prioritizing the creation of cutting-edge solutions that meet evolving market demands.

XMAKE Victor Zeng

Victor Zeng

Digital Marketing Director

Leading XMAKE’s digital marketing and brand image efforts, Victor Zeng brings 11 years of global experience to craft compelling narratives and effective digital campaigns. His strategic use of digital platforms enhances brand visibility and strengthens market positioning, fostering growth and engagement worldwide.

XMAKE Gavin Yang

Gavin Yang

Director of Engineering

As Director of Engineering, Gavin oversees the engineering team, focusing on developing innovative manufacturing solutions and enhancing product design. His leadership ensures the delivery of technically advanced and cost-effective projects, driving operational excellence and supporting XMAKE’s commitment to high-quality manufacturing.

XMAKE Gordon Hong

Gordon Hong

Director of Quality

as XMAKE’s Quality Director, Gordon leverages over a decade of expertise to elevate manufacturing standards and ensure product excellence. His strategic implementation of quality control systems enhances operational efficiency and product reliability, strengthening XMAKE’s market reputation and customer satisfaction globally.


Jack Ma

EU Business Director

Managing XMAKE’s operations across Europe, Jack Ma excels in navigating the varied regulatory and business environments. He fosters strong relationships and adapts strategies to maximize efficiency and growth in the diverse European market.

XMAKE Lynn Yan

Lynn Yan

Creative Specialist

Lynn Yan creates standout video content that captures the complexities and achievements of digital manufacturing. Her skill in blending innovative visuals with compelling narratives highlights XMAKE’s success, effectively communicating our transformative solutions to a broad audience

XMAKE Waymon Wang

Waymon Wang

Design Manager

Guiding his team in transforming client visions into functional and innovative designs, our Design Manager focuses on manufacturability and efficiency. His leadership is pivotal in maintaining XMAKE’s reputation for delivering top-tier design solutions that perfectly balance creativity and practical application.

XMAKE Michael Yu

Michael Yu

Global Creative Manager

A SCAD alum, Michael Yu spearheads XMAKE’s creative efforts worldwide. With a foundation in film production, he brings a dynamic blend of storytelling and visual flair to marketing and product design, crafting campaigns that capture attention and resonate across markets.

XMAKE Kimmy Zhao

Kimmy Zhao

Support Manager

As XMAKE’s Support Manager, Kimmy Zhao leads customer support initiatives that enhance client satisfaction and streamline service processes. Her leadership is key in providing responsive, high-quality support, maintaining strong customer relations, and fostering a supportive environment that bolsters the company’s success.

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