Choose A Manufacture Service
Parts to be 3D printed as fast as 24 hours. A variety of materials available.
3~5 axis machining, turning and milling , and various finishing services.
Bending,stamping, punching,laser cutting, extrusion molding, surface treatment and more.
3D printing, 3~5 axis machining,rapid molds and various finishing services.
Almost all kinds of molds. Injection Mold, Diecasting Mold, Stamping Mold, Extrusion Mold, Rotational Mold, rapid molds etc.
Choose By Volume
3D printing, 3~5 axis machining, rapid molds and various finishing services.
Test the feasibility of massive production vs. real small volume production.
One-time heavy investment to faster and more standard every-time operation.
Why to Choose Xmake
Instant Quote
Upload your drawings and get the quotes in a few seconds. After you place an order, Xmake will handle the rest work.
Quality Guarantee
Comprehensive inspection throughout the whole manufacturing process. High accuracy measuring equipment is used to guarantee the final quality.
Large Manufacturing Network
Large supplier database based on the orders produced in China. Xmake will choose the right factory for your project.
Engineers in Various Fields
Each year, Engineers in Xmake got access to thousands of projects in various fields. Surely these experience will help your project in a more practical way.
One-to-One Service
A customer service specialist will follow up your order through out the whole process. Give you DFM suggestion and cost-effective solutions.
Customer Review of Xmake's Manufacturing Services
We are proud to work with some of the world's great teams to help them bring their innovation to market faster
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