Xmake’s One-to-one Customer Service

Xmake cherishes the relationship with its customers, so one-to-one customer service is a very important policy that Xmake insists on. No matter what you need, you can just contact your account manager to help you. You will always feel that you are valued and supported.

What’s Xmake’s One-to-one Customer Service?

For each customer, an account manager will be assigned to follow up all your projects. Behind the account manager is the Xmake’s professional engineers team. The account manager is the communication bridge between you and the engineers specialized in different fields. S/he will manage the project as a whole picture to ensure on-time delivery of your orders.

What Does Xmake’s One-to-one Customer Service Stand for?

A private project manager

All the account managers have at least 3 years experience handling various kinds of projects, so s/he is familiar with how to manage a project as a whole picture.

A customer service specialist

S/he will quote to you within 24 hours, provide free DFM feedback/report, guide you how to use the platform, deal with the internal procedures of placing your orders, inform you the status of your projects, follow up your feedback on the quality, etc.

A private technical consultant

When you have any questions concerning your design, you could contact your account manager to consult on the technical issues. Your account manager will confirms with the technical department to give your a detailed reply.

An instant communication window

Account managers of Xmake have almost all kinds of instant communication medias (Whatsapp, Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). You may choose one at your preference. They will try to answer your questions within 24 hours in working days.

How Could Customers Benefit From One-to-one Customer Service?

Smooth and Painscss Project Management

Timely Updates of All the Information

Detailed and Professional Technical Support

Instant Communication Methods

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