Massive Production

Many processes are available for massive production, CNC, Automatic Lathing, injection, punching, blowing, Nano Molding, powder metallurgy, profile milling & lathing, die-casting etc. The general idea is to trade one-time heavy investment to faster and more standard every-time operation. Molding and auto machines are the most popular choices for massive production.

Quality Control for Massive Production

As quantity increases, the damage of bad parts escaping from quality control increases also. Good news is for massive production, more effort and money can be thrown on quality control and production process improvement. And also damaging test now become feasible at small percentage sampling. Quality control very often become a part of the production process rather than a separated procedure.

Order of Magnitude Rule for Massive Production

Before entering real massive production, smaller volume production with massive production method has to be made in order to find and fix the problems may occur. “Order of magnitude rule” means each time the test production volume should be larger by only one order of magnitude not more. For example, first time test production for making 200 pieces, after careful analysis and fixing the problems, try another test production for a few thousand, and then a few tens of thousand. In practice, small volume test very often involves customized testing. The “order of magnitude rule” make sure the lost of bad making is in a controllable range.

Control Small Probability Problems of Massive Production

Extensive amount of expertise, time and money shall be spent on finding, analyzing and correcting small probability problems. At each test production, all products should be fully checked and carefully analyzed to find causes of bad made cases then correct it. This process should be repeated for the first few production rounds until the failure rate continuously reach the desired standards.

Why Choose Xmake’s Massive Production Service?

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