Xmake’s Online Instant Quote

The intelligent quotation system developed by Xmake fully applies big data and artificial intelligence. Through intelligent calculation of product processing price and delivery date, it helps customers to place orders quickly, making manufacturing as convenient as online shopping. High efficiency and high accuracy are the most important features of Xmake’s online instant quotation system.

High Efficiency

Traditional method of quoting always takes several days. The engineer needs to check the drawings first and then do the calculation manually. However, if you use Xmake’s online quotation system, you will find how fast and convenient the process of quotation can be. Upload your 3D drawings in STP files, click the material, process, heat treatment, surface finish and quantity that you need, only a few seconds you will get the prices and be able to pay at once. Xmake will take care of the rest work. High efficiency of quotation is surely what you need.

High Accuracy

For the past few years, Xmake’s IT team has studied hundreds of thousands of manufacture data and experiences and developed this intelligent quotation system. Through years of system upgrading and reverse learning, the quotation system could provide quotes as much accurate as normal engineers.

Till now, Xmake’s instant quotation engine has completed millions of quotations. Each online quotation will enhance the system’s self-improvement. Consequently, our customers worldwide can also enjoy the conveniences that technologies has brought us.

How to Use Xmake’s Online Instant Quote?

Step 1 :Upload your 3D drawing in STP files

Step 2 :Choose the material, process, heat treatment, surface finish, quantity

Step 3 :Check the prices and order at once

how to use xmake instant quote system

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