Vibratory Finishing

Written by:Luke Lao
Date:Thursday, October 17, 2019 3:42 PM

Vibratory finishing is normally applied to small or medium-sized workpieces. Media and workpieces are placed into the basin of a vibratory tumbler, in a wet process, brightening agent and other liquid also are introduced. The basin then rotates and vibrates, which cause the media and workpieces rub each other and result in a better workpieces surface.

The process is used to deburr, clean, polish or sometimes darken the workpieces. The media can be specially shaped ceramic, corundum, or various shapes of metallic shots and pins. With small enough media, this process can deburr and polish the internal surfaces and edges (holes). This process can be applied to brass, stainless, steel, and aluminum alloy parts.

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