Spraying Paint

Written by:Luke Lao
Date:Thursday, October 17, 2019 7:37 PM

By spraying gun or dish atomizer, with the aid of pressure or centrifugal force, the spray droplets are dispersed into uniform and fine droplets, which are applied on the surface of the workpieces. Natural drying in a dry and clean environment under room temperature.

Regardless of its variety of chemical composition, all paint consists of three basic substances: film-forming substance, secondary film-forming substance, and auxiliary film-forming substance.


Film-forming substances: also known as binders, most of the film-forming substances are organic macromolecule compounds such as natural resin, natural oil (tung oil, linseed oil, soybean oil, fish oil, etc.), and synthetic resin, which are prepared by the high-temperature reaction. Film-forming materials are the main body of the paint and determine the performance of the paint film. If there is no film-forming substance, pure pigments and auxiliary materials can not form a paint film.

Secondary film-forming substances: including various color pigments, structure pigments, and anti-rust pigments. Pigments provide color, improve the protective performance and decorative effect of paint, and good weather resistance pigments can improve the service life of the paint. Structure pigments can increase the thickness of the paint film, and form fish-scale structure paint film, improve the service life of the paint film, improve the waterproof and rust-proof effect. Anti-rust pigments prevent the surface of objects from being corroded by atmospheric and chemical substances and metal surface from being corroded by physical and chemical anti-rust effects.

Auxiliary film-forming substances: including various additives, solvents, various additives play a very important role in the production process, storage process, use process and the formation process of the paint film. Although the amount used is very small, it has a great influence on the performance of the paint film.

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