Partner story

About Yaccd

Yaccd is a company based in Australia that develops VR cameras. It is designed to enable ordinary users to have their own VR cameras at low cost and can dynamically adjust the lens distance to achieve the best 3D focusing and zooming like professional cameraman.

Products: KOPO VR camera

This camera can help users capture 8K video and pictures, and convert to RED's four-view (4V) "holographic" file format in real time. Combine the two 4K streams into one traditional 3D video by using existing technology fusions that capture 3D and VR content. It also produces content in RED 4V format that can be displayed on a holographic screen to create 3D effects.

How does the Yaccd design team apply agile principles to hardware prototyping

We want to achieve high resolution and high quality hardware in a minimum volume of solid state equipment. It is our biggest challenge without increasing the weight and cost. How to finalize the material and structure of solid state equipment before mass production? We need a processing factory with many years of experience to help us do product structure verification.

I had always thought that the fast iteration of hardware is much more difficult than the software. However, after cooperating with Xmake, I found it’s not that difficult any more. Their smart quotation system is very convenient and helped us get the 3D printing quotation immediately. We do not need to call, send drawings, make inquiries, then wait for feedback. We received the products within 4 days after confirming the order, which impressed us.

"Designing a small, high-quality VR camera is a mission we pursue. Xmake provides a reliable and professional online processing platform to help us achieve it. Since our cooperation with Xmake, the proofing cycle has been shortened by 50%, saving us enquiry time and processing costs."

——Christian       Yaccd structure designer