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About Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute

Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute (SITRI) is committed to the innovation and industrialization of “Beyond Moore” technology and LOT applications. As a global collaborative innovation center, Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute integrates R&D, engineering, marketing and incubation to provide a full range of services and solutions for innovative companies and partners.

Product:Precision Grinding Machine

The precision grinding machine’s processing system developed by Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute has the function of accurate positioning, cutting and grinding samples. The processed samples can be used for scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy for large magnification observation.

How does the design team of Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute apply the agile principle to hardware prototyping?

Our equipment requires an integrated stereo microscope that allows for the observation of finer target positions and simultaneous observation during preparation; the sample rotation handle can be used to change the sample viewing angle from 0° to 60°or 90 °perpendicular to the sample's front surface. You can use the eyepiece graticule to measure the distance. The accuracy of the equipment is very high. Before mass production, how to control the material and structure of the equipment? We need a factory with many years of experience to help us make a sample so that we could verify the structure of the product is fine.

Cooperating with XMake can help us finish our work efficiently.

I have always thought that the fast upgrading of hardware is much more difficult than the software, but when I found XMake my thought has changed. Their smart quotation system is very convenient and can give us the 3D printing quotation immediately. we do not need to call, send drawings, inquiry price, then wait for feedback. With XMake, we received the product within 3 days after we placed an order online. We were really impressed. ”

"Designing a precision machine is a mission we pursue. XMake provides a reliable and professional online processing platform to help us achieve it. Since we cooperated with XMake, the proofing cycle has been shortened by 50%, saving us time and processing costs for looking for factory quotations."

——Xie Lianggong       Design Engineer, Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute