Partner story

About Ungle

The car charger brand "Ungle" was established in Silicon Valley of the United States at the end of 2016. The core product is BCB-Smart Car Charger. Within a very short time of two years, it has won the first place in terms of sales volume in the consumer telematics product category. At the same time, it was awarded the International Design. In the year 2018, the company also won the honor of Silicon Valley "The Fastest Growing Start-up Company".

Product: BCB - smart car charger

In terms of charging, two USB charging interfaces are designed. The two interfaces add up to a maximum charging speed of 4.8A. Considering that the maximum charging current that the iPhone Plus and iPad can receive is 2.4A, BCB can Support for two Apple devices while charging at maximum speed. At the same time, BCB adopts a two-way USB interface design, that is, the USB interface does not distinguish between front and back, and it is easier to insert the line. Meanwhile, after inserting the cigarette lighter, the USB port of the BCB-smart car charger will light up, making it easier to find the interface.

Simple transition from 3D printing to CNC machining

After entrusting Xmake to print the 3D printed prototype, we found that Xmake’s CNC service is a good choice to test defects in material selection and structural strength, and make optimization adjustments before putting into mass production.

“It’s great to upload a file online at Xmake and get a high-speed, high-quality CNC machining service in one go.”Usually, when commissioning a factory for CNC machining, you must first provide drawings and then detail the requirements. However, it is amazing to just upload a file online at Xmake and get high-speed, high-quality CNC services in one go. In addition, in terms of the processing special materials, Xmake also provides us with very satisfactory service. Their comprehensive processing technology far exceeds the level of our existing suppliers.

It took only 3 days via Xmake to complete the machining of CNC parts, which reduced our original production plan by 30 days.

“The quality of Xmake is also trustworthy. If a company is efficient but cannot guarantee quality, then this is also a problem. Xmake is efficient and guarantees the quality of product delivery, which makes us very satisfied.

"We hope to introduce new ideas in the field of car chargers. Xmake used its comprehensive production capacity to help us complete the delivery quickly with guaranteed quality. It is our trust-worthy helper ."

——Wilson       Ungle Designer