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Foxconn Technology Group

foxconn technology group

Today, Foxconn Technology Group is the most dependable partner for joint-design, joint-development, manufacturing, assembly and after-sales services to global Computer, Communication and Consumer-electronics ("3C") leaders. Aided by its legendary green manufacturing execution, uncompromising customer devotion and its award-winning proprietary business model, eCMMS, Foxconn has been the most trusted name in contract manufacturing services (including CEM, EMS, ODM and CMMS) in the world.

Focusing on fields of nanotechnology, heat transfer, wireless connectivity, material sciences, and green manufacturing process, besides from cooperating with the establishment of the research institution for nanotech, new material, and optical electric, Foxconn also sets up several research centers and testing laboratories for mechanism, material, electronics to conduct the services of science research and technology development worldwide.

Furthermore, Foxconn’s devotion to develop nanotech, thermal treatment, nano measure, wireless network, environmental protection, CAD/CAE, optical plating technique, precision/nano processing, SMT, and network CMOS chips, in terms, allows Foxconn to accumulate over 55,000 patents granted worldwide by 2012. This made Foxconn a recognized leader of innovation and technical know-how in rankings such as MIT's or IPIQ’s patent scorecard. In the year 2018, Foxconn ranked 24th among the Fortune 500 companies.

Aside from hardware related technology research and development investment, Foxconn also relentlessly seeks to provide customers ever fuller menu of end-to-end services to choose from. That’s the reason why Foxconn invested the world’s leading online manufacturer Xmake in early 2019.By using Xmake online quotation system and order management system, customers could get access to the manufacturing services of foxconn.

Foxconn possesses over 30 factories worldwide with more than 1 million employees.It’s not famous for its employee’s number but it’s super precise manufacturing services.

Section Core Technolgy Capability

1. Precision inner and outer diameter grinding: outer diameter: Φ1-Φ300, inner diameter:Φ2-Φ300, accuracy: 0.002mm  ;

2. Precision cone grinding: outer cone is 0-90°, the largest diameter is Φ300, inner cone is 0-15°;

3. Precise machining on abnormal shapes, such as screw rod, long axis, cam, etc. with accuracy:0.002mm;

4. Precision molding parts grinding: accuracy is 0.002mm.

Milling &Turning

1.Precision mold parts machining under 200mm in size, the accuracy of 2D can reach 0.002mm and 0.005mm for 3D accuracy;

2.4axes machining is used for some special parts, such as helical gear, deep R electrode, the accuracy can be controlled within 0.005mm.

Wire EDM

1. Include thin wire, small teeth, mirror surface processing;

2. T=10mm, minimum R angle can reach R0.003mm or less;

3. T=1.0 copper processing can make tooth with 0.08mm in width and 1.0mm in length;

4. High precision micro hole machining, the electrode wire with a diameter 0.10 T=1.0mm which can make 0.12-0.13mm smallest hole  in diameter. 


1. Machine small die, mirror surface, thread and helical gear with an accuracy up to 0.005mm;

2. Mirror surface with area  104mmx60mm, roughness up to 0.26um.


1. Precise tolerance measurement for dimension and position, standard part calibration and inspection;

2. True roundness measuring error 0.05um, CMM accuracy is (0.6+L/600)um.

Main Customers

main customers

Quality Assurance

Quality is the starting point of value and dignity, and it is also the lifeblood of long life for a company. Foxconn has put great importance on its quality control. With years of endeavor, it has obtained the following quality certificates and won the trust of the world’s customers.

quality assurance