xmake's faq



Are you a factory or a trading company?

Both, we have our own factory with CNC, Mold Making and 3D printing capability. We also worked with hundreds other factories with various process and professional in various production volumes. And we have access to Foxconn’s production capacity.


What services could Xmake provide?

Currently, we could provide rapid prototyping, 3D printing, CNC machining, mold design and small & large volume of mass production for various kinds of industries. Such as automobile industry, medical industry, automation equipment, robotics industry, household appliances, consumer electronics and so on.


Where is Xmake located?

Xmake’s headquater is located in Shenzhen, the most innovative and high-tech city in China.


How many people are working in Xmake?

Xmake has more 200 professional manufacturing engineers and staff. Many of the engineers have more than 10 years experience in different fields of manufacturing. From rapid prototyping to mass production, our engineers will take advantage of their rich knowledge and experience to help you


How will I benefit from Xmake’s services?

By using Xmake’s services, customers don’t need to waste their time to find the most suitable manufacturer. At the same time, the quoatation by Xmake will be 30% lower than the average prices with Xmake guaranteed quality and delivery time.


What equipment does Xmake have?

We got cnc, 3D printers, etc, details xmake equipment check here www.xmake.com/manufacturingnetwork And we have expertise to connect your projects to the best suited supplier in China.


How does Xmake ensure the quality of the products?

Firstly, Xmake will conduct strict factory audit on every manufacturing partner. Before sending the goods, Xmake’s QC department will recheck the products quality to make sure they meet customers’ requirements.


How much is Xmake’s service?

Please log in on our website and upload your 3D drawings to check the quotations.


How could I pay the bill?

Currently, we support Paypal payment and bank transfer.


How will you ship the products?

Usually, we ship the goods by DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. If customers require, we could also ship the goods by other forwarders. Xmake will make sure that all the packages are suitable for international shipping and try to save the shipping cost for the customers.


How long could I receive my products?

It depends on how many products you want us to produce. Usually, we need 3 working days for making 3D printed parts, and 7 working days for CNC machined parts. Besides, it takes another 3~5 working days for international air shipping.


What is the biggest product length you could produce?

The biggest product length we could produce is 3 M for CNC machined parts.For 3D printing, the printed parts could stick together to form a longer size than they’re printed, so we might say there’s no limit on the length for 3D printed parts.


What is your minimum manufacturing tolerances?

For metal parts, the minimum manufacturing tolerance could be ±0.005mm. For plastic parts, the minimum manufacturing tolerance could be ±0.2mm.The higher tolerance you ask for, the more expensive your order will be.


Do you have any MOQ?

Our MOQ is one piece at least.


What if I receive the unqualified products?

Xmake will reproduce the parts for you again until the parts meet your technical requirements. Or Xmake will refund your payment amount.


Can I upload 2D drawings to receive automatic quotes?

Currently, Xmake only supports automatic quotes for 3D drawings.


What is your confidentiality policy?

Xmake cherish the privacy of our customers as well as the confidentiality of the documents they upload onto our website. We will not release any customers’ information or drawings to any unrelated third parties. For more detailed confidentiality policy, please refer to our privacy term. If needed, Xmake could also sign extra NDA with the customers.