xmake's our story


How We Began?

Xmake learned from many hardware startups that their teams were mainly made up by technical engineers and product developers, who lacked supply chain management experience as well as practical manufacturing knowledge. Many hardware startups believed that with technology and R&D ability, they would never worry about not finding a market. More too often, they ignored the problems they might face in the production process.

Firstly, it is difficult to identify the best manufacturing solution. Secondly, it can be time-consuming to find the most suitable factory for their customized parts. They spent a lot of time on the phone or emails to make inquiries, send drawings, wait for feedback, but never got the best price and the most satisfactory delivery time. In addition, Xmake has found out that customers couldn’t keep things going as planned at the product development stage due to the manufacturing issues, which always led to a delayed launching time for a new product. Last but not least, bad quality control of the factories that they turned to can be another horrible disaster for many startups companies.

It was with the vision to make manufacturing easier that the founders and pioneers of Xmake started searching for ways to solve the all above problems.

To Solve Manufacturing Problems

With a deep understanding of the customer's pain points, Xmake created an online manufacturing platform to solve the challenges encountered by hardware start-ups, keeping improving all kinds of manufacturing solutions. More than 200 experienced appearance designers, structure designers, reverse engineers, CNC engineers, prototyping engineers, mold engineers and other professional staff work in Xmake, who could help hardware start-ups from product development, design, rapid prototyping to mass production. The platform in deed helped many hardware start-ups solve the supply chain problems.

Xmake's intelligent online system links with more than 10,000 Chinese manufacturers, which helped it to achieve an instant quote function for non-standard custom parts and the whole manufacturing process can be tracked on Internet at anytime and anywhere. After the customers submit their requirements on the platform, they will receive an instant quote for manufacturing the parts, then they only need to click a few buttons to place the order. Later workshop production, quality inspection and delivery, all these processes could be tracked by the online order tracking system. The platform has greatly improved the production speed and the product quality. To be more specific, the average lead time is reduced by more than 50%, while the price is more than 30% lower than the average level.

Today, Xmake manufacturing services are widely utilized by both start-ups and the world's top 500 companies.

Milestones of Xmake
In JanuaryWith its outstanding online on-demand manufacturing systems and operational performance, Xmake won tens of millions of B1 round of strategic investment from manufacturing giant Foxconn.
In AugustXmake received tens of millions of A+ rounds of financing from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
In DecemberXmake has expanded its business to more than 30 countries worldwide, and has served more than 18,000 customers worldwide.
In AprilXmake put its automatic quotation system for all manufacturing process online. The automatic quotes are very close to manual quotation, which plays a leading role in the world. With a two-year development, the number of Xmake’s manufacturing partners had exceeded 5000, making Xmake the word’s largest on-demand processing network.
In OctoberXmake's corporate customers exceeded 10,000
In DecemberXmake's self-developed SAAS+MES system "Pinion" was put into operation, laying a solid foundation for building a world-leading on-demand collaborative manufacturing network.
in JuneXmake established an overseas service center in North America to explore the North American and European markets. Xmake had served more than 4,000 customers worldwide in the same year.
In FebruaryXmake obtained the A-round 60 million RMB financing and won the first prize of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.
In JuneXmake set up an operations center in China, the number of its manufacturer partners exceeded 1800. In the same year, Xmake started to expand its business in Asian market and served more than 2000 customers from China,Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Israel and other countries world wide.
In MayXmake aims to become the world's largest online manufacturing service provider, focusing on solving pain points that hardware companies will meet throughout the product lifecycle. In the same year, Xmake obtained its seed funding and more than 500 manufacturers joined Xmake’s manufacturing network.
xmake's our story