How Things Are Made
TIG welding vs. MIG welding
TIG welding (TIG welding) is a kind of welding method with pure Ar as shielding gas and tungsten as the electrode. MIG welding, i.e. GMAW, is a welding method of GMAW with AR and other inert gases as the main shielding gas, including pure AR or AR gas mixed with a small amount of active gas (such as O2 below 2% or CO2 below 5%). MIG welding wire is wound in layers or discs.
Mold Making
Molding methods for plastic and metal parts
Sheet Metal Fabrication
If a part can be made from a piece of metal sheet by cutting and bending, then sheet metal processing can be applied. Most common methods are: first laser cut the sheet and then bend or punch it.
Basic Things You Need to Know about CNC machining
CNC machining is a digital manufacturing process where a block of solid raw material is cut into a certain shape or structure through the cutting tools of a computerized machine. The computer program will make the servo motors to move in different directions and locate the cutting tools at the accurate position.
Basic Knowledge about Rapid Prototyping
Literally, rapid prototyping means do a prototype quickly. In practice, it gets a bit more complicated than its literal meaning.
Basic Things You Need to Know about 3D printing
3D printing stands for various processes that make liquid or powder material joined or solidified layer by layer through a 3D printer or 3D printing machines.